PhD, MBA, LLB (Hons), B.Com

Serving on a range of corporate, government and not-for-profit boards, across a variety of sectors since 2013, Sarah is a highly respected and accomplished business leader and company director, with strong government and stakeholder relations capacity. She has over 30 years of commercial experience, including as a commercial lawyer, strategy consultant and researcher. Her current board portfolio spans sport, tourism, defence, and education. In addition to a PhD in sports marketing and her legal qualifications, Sarah holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland, where she is an Associate Professor in marketing and law and the co-leader of a trust, ethics and governance research hub. Sarah is the Qld Leader of the Minerva Network, a national network uniting female business leaders with professional sportswomen through mentoring, advocacy and training. 

Sarah is regularly invited to give keynotes and media interviews on leadership, consumer behaviour, women in sport, the business of sport and esports. She has also received multiple awards as a tertiary and executive educator. In her Non-Executive Director and consulting roles (for public and private sector organisations, and start-up enterprises), she delivers research and expertise across the fields of sports management, sports governance, sports law, sports technology, sports marketing, and evaluation of mega-events. As a globally recognised expert in the business of sport, Sarah partners with government, sports organisations, athletes and private organisations to generate robust, independent insights and practical actions to transform the role and impact of sport.






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    Dr Sarah Kelly